05 Dec Dealing With Grief: 5 Ways To Prevent A Holiday From Being Ruined

Yes! We Drive Each Other Nuts! Grieving family members, including children, tend to drive each other nuts because we each grieve differently and on our own personal healing time table.  Normal grief pain produces normal grief responses—and the grief responses that you experience may or may not be the same as other family members. Normal […]

07 Dec It’s Time To Make Your Holiday Plan

25 Nov Emotional Crash After Thanksgiving Day

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Experiencing An Emotional Crash After Thanksgiving Day? It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  Are you experiencing an emotional crash?  Just asking.  Why?  Because, not every one does, but many of us do.  You need to know that this too is normal for grieving and healing.  For instance, did you wake up feeling emotionally and physically exhausted […]

22 Nov Anniversary Of The Death: Emotional Kicker

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Anniversary Of The Death: Emotional Kicker This day was never a part of your life until the death of your loved one.  Now that it is, you may be wondering, Now What?  For starters, it’s helpful to understand what’s normal for the anniversary of the death.  Why?  So that you can navigate your healing journey […]

27 Oct This Journey Was Not My Choice

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      What happened?  You have moved from having a physical relationship with your loved one to one of memory.  It’s normal to think, “What happened to my loved one?”  “What is happening to me?” “What happens next?”  “How do I make the pain go away?”  “Will I ever feel Normal again?”  Yes, you […]

23 Jan Now What? Death Day! Also Known As The Anniversary Of The Death

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  Now What?  Death Day! Also Known As The Anniversary Of The Death…  I referred to this day as “Death Day” the first few years after my husband Donald died.  Every year I take inventory—and every year I can’t believe that another year has gone by—and every year the days leading up to this day […]

29 Nov Yes, Holiday Time & Loneliness Sucks!

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Yes, Holiday Time & Loneliness Sucks!  After the death of a loved one, for many of us, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the most painfully lonely and in-between time ever. I remember my children returning to school after Thanksgiving holiday, the house being painfully quiet… and thinking, “Great, in a few weeks we […]

31 Oct Thinking This Sucks The Holidays Are Coming?

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Thinking This Sucks The Holidays Are Coming?  You are not alone!  We each grieve differently and on our own personal healing timetable.  Which means that not everyone feels like this sucks the holidays are coming—but a lot of people do! (I have been known, over the years, as one of the, difficult easy to get […]