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Grieving Forward: Death Happened, Now What? Workshops offer many options. Workshop or presentation content is customized to meet the needs of your organization or event. Additionally, as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with the Grief Recovery Institute, Linda offers classes and workshops in the Grief Recovery Method. The Grief Recovery Method is the Action Program for moving beyond not only Death, but Divorce, and Other Losses. Including the loss of a pet.  Contact Linda to discuss your needs and to figure out what workshop options will benefit your organization.


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Favorite Now What? Workshops:


Healing Forward With Information & Hope

Five sessions.  Each session includes a time for each participant to share their story (only if they want to) and to ask questions. Participants learn what is normal for grief.  When you understand what’s normal for grieving it’s easier to successfully navigate your personal healing journey in a healthy and productive way.  These sessions are great for community outreach.  Or, as closed on site sessions at your church, business or organization after the death of someone in your organization or company.


Death Happened, Now What?


This 90 minute workshop serves as a great introduction workshop for any upcoming grief support group program.  Or, this workshop stands alone as an outreach to your community. The first segment is an introduction to the basic grief information that every griever needs to know for navigating the grief process and the healing process.  This is followed by one or more structured, interactive, breakout groups which are designed for connection and healing.  The information that is presented educates, supports, encourages and opens the door for understanding that healing is possible.


Good Grief: Let’s Talk About Grief


90 minute educational workshop for those want to help and support those who are grieving.


Have your ever wondered why?


The family of the deceased, many times, seems to be doing better than everyone else?
Why someone is so upset that their loved one is dead, when all they did was fight with their loved one?
How is it that she is able to immediately return to work and he can’t get out of bed?
Why do people who are grieving get tattoos?  Or, get more tattoos…


From experience I can tell you that when your are grieving it’s nice to have people in your life who “get it.”  With a basic understanding of the grief process and the healing process, the people in your organization or care ministry can be the people who really do “get it.”


Rumbling Through Grief During The Holiday Season & Surviving


This 90 minute workshop offers hope and strategies for navigating each holiday and special day.  Each participate leaves the workshop with their own personal holiday plan and the knowledge that  most people find that they do eventually enjoy holidays and special days once again. Just in a new and different way.


The Grief Recovery Method Workshops


The Action Program For Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, And Other Losses


8-Week and 12-Week Group Program. 7-Session One-on-One Program for Individuals. 6-Week Helping Children Deal with Loss Program.  Pet Loss.


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