25 Oct Normal Grief Reactions – The List

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        Normal Grief Reactions – The List Help has arrived.  This list will help you navigate your personal healing journey.  It is important to keep in mind that we grieve all loss.  And that  Normal Grief Reactions are normal.  We don’t go looking for them—they just show up.  The intensity of a […]

15 Jul Healing Does Not Mean Forgetting

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Grief Can Make Us Think Crazy Things One common and normal gut-wrenching thought that can stop us in our tracks is the notion that if we move forward in our personal healing, we will forget our loved one.  Fear of forgetting takes over.  Guilt related to the idea of forgetting rides shotgun.  What you need […]

27 Feb Grieving and Healing: Avoid the Potholes

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    Grieving and healing is a process. This process includes normal grief experiences that have emotional pitfall and pothole potential.  Unfortunately, these experiences are known for their ability to hold a griever emotionally hostage or for just making the grieving and healing journey more difficult. Once you know what they are it’s easier to […]

05 Dec Dealing With Grief: 5 Ways To Prevent A Holiday From Being Ruined

Yes! We Drive Each Other Nuts! Grieving family members, including children, tend to drive each other nuts because we each grieve differently and on our own personal healing time table.  Normal grief pain produces normal grief responses—and the grief responses that you experience may or may not be the same as other family members. Normal […]

05 Dec Don’t Boss Me Around!

25 Nov Emotional Crash After Thanksgiving Day

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Experiencing An Emotional Crash After Thanksgiving Day? It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  Are you experiencing an emotional crash?  Just asking.  Why?  Because, not every one does, but many of us do.  You need to know that this too is normal for grieving and healing.  For instance, did you wake up feeling emotionally and physically exhausted […]

12 Jul Writing For Healing? Does It Work?

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  Writing For Healing… Does It Work?  After the death of my first husband Donald I tried writing about my experience, including what I was feeling, because I was told it would be helpful and make me feel better.  However, I didn’t get that result.  It made me feel worse. Because of my experience I […]

02 Feb Will A New Relationship Make The Pain Of Grief Go Away?

23 Jan Now What? Death Day! Also Known As The Anniversary Of The Death

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  Now What?  Death Day! Also Known As The Anniversary Of The Death…  I referred to this day as “Death Day” the first few years after my husband Donald died.  Every year I take inventory—and every year I can’t believe that another year has gone by—and every year the days leading up to this day […]

16 Jan Feeling More Relief Than Grief?

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  Feeling more relief than grief?  Feeling more relief than grief is something that typically doesn’t get talked about much.  However, we need to talk about this because this too is normal for grieving and healing for some people.  Typically, this type of response occurs, with some level of emotional intensity, after witnessing your loved […]