11 DecGrief Pain: How Do I Make It Go Away?

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Grief Pain. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tried to figure out how to make the pain go away.  However, what we all learn, sometimes the hard way, is that we can’t hide from the pain, run from pain, numb the pain with food, drugs or alcohol, shop the pain away, work continuously as a […]

19 NovGrieving Forward Holiday Plan

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  1.  You don’t need to accept every invitation. 2.  It’s okay not to decorate as much or not to decorate at all.  Unless you have children who expect and need things not to change much. 3.  You don’t have to do everything the same.  This is difficult to do when everything has changed. 4. […]

07 DecChristmas/Holiday Time & Grief Bursts

What is a grief burst?  A grief burst is when intense, painful, grief emotions unexpectedly (and that seemingly come out of nowhere)  surge though the mind and body and emotionally, and sometimes physically, derail you for a brief period of time.  Typically producing unstoppable tears—but not always.   And possibly triggering a burst of grief related […]

16 NovWhen the Holiday Season Includes the Anniversary of the Death

What makes this so difficult?  Every day we continue to learn who we are without our loved one.  This is especially painful during the holiday season.  Each holiday, special day and the anniversary of the death produce additional memories and grief responses which need to be acknowledged and processed—over and above what we are processing […]

11 NovNavigating the Holidays

  It’s that time of year.  And I know that many of you are already dreading the upcoming  holiday season and that you are experiencing tremendous  anxiety and stress related to the fact that it is difficult to navigate something that can never be the same again. Understanding of the following is key.  Even though […]

06 Sep“But I’m Not Angry…”

Most people are not angry after the death of a close loved one—at least that’s what I read in a book shortly after my husband Donald died.  I have thought about this statement many times over the years since his death.  Because I have yet to meet anyone, myself included, who wasn’t at least just […]

29 JulWhen You Are Grieving You Need To Tell Your Story

  Have you been telling your story?  You need to share your story with anyone who will listen.  This is because your brain and heart need to hear the words of your story, in your own voice, over and over again, in order to process and comprehend not only what has happened to your loved one–but what has happened to you.  In other […]