07 Dec It’s Time To Make Your Holiday Plan

18 May Moving! Moved! Pooped!

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Moving!  Moved! Pooped! In one of my last videos I shared that my house sold and that I was getting ready to move.  Well, I moved.  And I lived through it.  I forgot how much work is involved in moving because the last time I moved was in 1987. I also quickly discovered that this […]

26 Feb Friendships? Are You Feeling Like You Don’t Fit In Anymore? Why? Now What?

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Friendships? Are you feeling like you don’t fit in anymore… Why? Now What? Talk about uncomfortable.  Not feeling like we fit in anywhere is very uncomfortable—and unsettling.   The question is not why would this happen but why wouldn’t this happen.  Let’s face it, one of the worst things that could ever happen has happened to […]

30 Jan Just Get Over It? Where Is That Coming From?

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  Just Get Over It!  Where’s That Coming From? The culture we live in!  Somebody dies on a TV sitcom and everything is neatly wrapped up in under an hour.  The characters move on as if nothing happened.  Really? Even in reality TV (which is actually scripted) emotions explode or emotions are denied with no […]