14 Feb Surviving Valentine’s Day Without My Valentine!

Dear Valentine honor share storySurviving Valentine’s Day Without My Valentine.

Hi Friends,

This will be a challenging day for many of you.  Particularly those of you who have experienced the death of your spouse or significant other– your Honey.  One helpful way to navigate today is to have a plan. And it’s not to late to come up with a last minute plan. Suggestions.  Invite family and/or friends over for pizza and share memories or take them out to eat.  Hold a memorial service and light a candle in memory of your loved one.  Take yourself out. Consider dinner and/or a movie. Find someone else who is alone and invite him or her to go with you. Since it’s Sunday go to church… Be creative.

You Are Not Alone! Remember that even though we are all at different spots in our healing we are all traveling this path of healing together. And remember too that on days like today people tend to say dumb things to us and/or things that we find irritating. Words have power and can keep us stuck in our grief.  Don’t give your power away to anyone who says something dumb to you today. Said another way, don’t allow someone’s words to hold you hostage in your grief today.  Healing Forward!

And don’t underestimate how hard you are working right now and what a good Healing job you are doing!

Extra Hugs!