05 Oct HOPE

Hi Friends, Hang on to Hope!  Hope is born out of struggle.  And learning to live without your loved one is a time of great struggle.  No matter how far out from the death date that we get surges of grief are normal.  Refocus to hope. Hope is healing because hope is an activity of the mind and heart that sparks positive thoughts and forward thinking.  The energy of hope opens the door for envisioning a new and different future without your loved one.  It super charges your ability to set new goals and to find ways to pursue and complete them.  If you are having trouble finding hope there are two things that you can do that are really helpful.  Every morning make a list of three things that you are grateful for.  And every day reach out to someone else who needs help or just needs someone to listen to their story.  Be creative.  Hope is the fuel that will get you there! Hugs, Linda