What is grief?  A topic that makes many of us uncomfortable!

However, grief is the natural, normal, predictable and expected reaction to all types of loss.  The pain of grief is both a physical and an emotional experience.  Sadly, we live in a culture where expressions of grief and mourning and normal grief responses are, many times, misunderstood and sometimes even forbidden.  It’s difficult to heal when you don’t understand what is happening to you.  And it’s difficult to be a helpful friend and support person when you don’t understand what grief is and what grief does.

Grieving Forward, Healing from Loss, Linda Pouliot, BookThe good news is that the grief process, just like any other process in life, can be learned.  And when you understand the grief process, which is what’s normal for grief, it’s easier to navigate both the grieving process and the healing process successfully.  Additionally, this same information is what allows each of us to support a family member, friend or coworker who is grieving in a healthy and productive way.


  • Every griever needs to know that even though it doesn’t feel like it—healing is possible.
  • Every friend needs to know that it is possible to learn how to be helpful and supportive.

Information is the tool that equips each of us for healing and for supporting each other.

Buy the book that has helped thousands of people to effectively navigate their personal healing journey.  We want you to know that healing is possible for you, too.