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Healing Forward Workshop


Grieving Forward: Death Happened, Now What?  And more.  And more Because we grieve all types of loss, not just the death of a close loved one.  For example, job loss, health issues, empty nest… The list is endless.  Even after the death of a close loved one most of us find that we have additional secondary loss directly related to the death that we need to grieve – including role and responsibility changes.  Bottom line is that when we are grieving we need information, hope and tools for healing.   And we need to connect with others who share a similar experience.


Healing Forward Workshops meet these needs.  And a Healing Forward Workshop is great for community outreach.


Let’s Do This Together


Now is the time to book your Healing Forward Workshop becasuse I know that your goal is to provide information, support and healing tools to those who are grieving.  Workshops are customized to meet the needs of your organization or event.  Additionally, the workshop content can be specific to the death of a loved one.   Or the workshop content can be designed to cover all type of loss – death related loss and non-death related loss combined.  Breakout groups are an option.  Lets’ brainstorm.   If a Healing Forward Workshop does not fit your needs at this time please consider a five week grief support group.


Healing Forward Grief Support Group


Healing Forward Grief Support Group meets once a week for five weeks.  I offer five support group sessions specific to the death of a loved one and I facilitate each session. Your organization provides the marketing, location, coffee and snacks, and one or two people to help oversee each session.  Each session includes information on the grieving and healing process and offers practical steps for healing.  Additionally, there is time set aside at the end of each session for asking questions and sharing – but only if someone wants to.  The great news is that a Healing Forward Grief Support Group is great for community outreach too.


Important to note:  We do not share grief support group sessions online.  What is said in these groups is confidental.  And who attends these sessions is also confidental.  Participants are advised of this and are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


Let’s talk.  How can I serve you?

Contact Linda regarding your event or support group needs.