10 Jan R.I.P. My Dear Friend!!

R.I.P My Dear Friend!!

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On New Year’s Eve my friend and neighbor Cathy lost her battle with cancer and went home to Heaven.  I have to admit I have been asking God why a lot this week.  Her husband Eric and their young adult boys still need her… and me too.  Eric and my son Andy shared with me that they know for a fact that my husband Donald is the one who met Cathy and escorted her to Heaven—and that he most likely arrived to pick her up with Bud Light or some whiskey.  Humor and tears.  This struck me as funny too—laughter and tears.  I’d forgotten that Donald rotated between going to Eric and Cathy’s house for a beer or whisky in the evening and our other neighbors for a glass of wine during the week…  A lot of good and fun memories.  Sadly, everything has changed in our neighborhood once again.  More unwanted change to adjust to and get used to…

Cathy was the friend who looked after many of us in our neighborhood. We all shared our feelings and stories at the funeral dinner.  I thought I’d share one of my favorite (And Fun) Cathy stories with you.

For the first few months after Donald died Cathy make me homemade chicken soup to in her words,   “Help me heal.”  She would call me to tell me she would be dropping off the soup and to wait for her on my porch because she had to make it quick because she was on her way somewhere with her boys.  Sometimes she arrived before I had time to hang up the phone and other times I would sit on the porch and wait…  Cathy would speed up my driveway in her minivan, open the door and jump out with the soup dish spinning in her hands and at the same time yell at her young boys to stop climbing out the windows and to get back in their seats and buckle back up.  She would hand me the soup dish and tell me she would see me later—and yell at her boys some more because by this time they were always more than half way out the windows… She would then spin back around and jump back into the minivan and take off—gravel flying. Occasionally she would yell back to me that she might have forgotten the noodles…  LOL Her connection and caring kept me going on these days.

I would return the soup pan late in the evening after the boys were in bed so we could talk.  And she would listen to my words of grief and encourage me.  Over the years she has always been there… Cathy was a person of integrity, faith and FUN.  I learned a lot about what it means to be a friend from her.

Pray for Cathy’s family.