A Practical Guide for Healing & Understanding the Grief Process

We have helped thousands of people navigate their personal healing journey. We want you to know that healing is possible for you, too. This book will equip you to navigate your personal healing journey successfully and to return to a place of wholeness and normal functioning once again.

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When you learn about Normal Grief Responses you are going to wonder why nobody told you about these sooner!?! Why? Because it's helpful to know that what you are experiencing is normal for grieving and healing. Learn More For Healing!

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I was 45 years old when my husband, Donald, died unexpectedly of a heart-attack in November of 1999. Both of my children were teenagers at the time. We spent the first few months after his death in shock. What I realized during this time was that I couldn’t even define the word grief.


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Download Today! Normal Grief Responses. Owning our story of heartbreak is challenging because we live in a culture that tells us to deny our grief emotions when we experience loss of any kind. The result is that we fail to realize that what we are experiencing emotionally and physically after a loss are normal grief reactions that are normal for grief! When you understand what's normal for grief it's easier to navigate your healing journey!


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Together we explore The 5 Needs of Every Griever. How to deal with: Normal grief guilt, Normal grief anger, Normal grief depression and the “Dumb” things people say. Sorting, saving and purging your loved one’s belongings without regret and more. We wrote this book for you so that you don't have to figure out things the hard way like we did.

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